Soldering Paste Burnley Genuine Made in Canada 2 Oz

Code: 032-007
Master Case (Qty) 50
Committed Stock 175
Item Weight (lbs) 0.164300
Available from (USA or China): USA

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
California Prop 65
  • This product is a no-clean solder paste with very little residue and no need to clean.
  • The residue is colorless and transparent, and the appearance is excellent.
  • Used for soldering iron welding
  • The welding effect is very Excellent
  • It is not corrosive to IC and PCB.
  • Its boiling point is only slightly higher than the melting point of the solder.

The flux has the characteristics of stable performance, low volatility, long service life, low dosage, no toxicity, no irritating odor, safe and reliable use, and is an ideal auxiliary product for manufacturing high quality electronic products. It is also a good product for maintenance engineers.
The shape is a yellow ointment similar to butter. High bonding strength, neutral pH, strong insulation and smooth welding surface. It is suitable for flux welding in precision electronic chip-level welding such as mobile phones and PC board BGA.


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