MAS830L | Digital Multimeter

Code: 038-001
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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
California Prop 65

The meter is handheld digital multimeter for measuring DC and AC voltage, DC current, resistance, diode and transistor with battery operated.

  • Display: Backlight LCD, 1999 counts, updates 2-3/sec.
  • Measuring Method: Dual-slope integration A/D converter.
  • high DC voltage: 200M/2/20/200V 0.5 percent , 600V 0.8 percent 
  • Fuse Protection: 200mA/250V.
  • AC voltage: 200/600V 1.2 percent 
  • DC current: 200/2M/20MA 1.0 percent , 200MA 1.5 percent , 10a 3.0 percent resistance: 200/2K/20K/200K0.8 percent , 2m1.0 percent 
  • Hfe: 1 1000 diode Test data hold back light continuity Test
  • Power: 9V battery, NEDA 1604 or 6F22 type. 
  • size: 138mm x 69mm x 31mm 
  • weight: approx. 170G


Always make sure the Test Probes are fitted in the correct sockets. (Specially while measuring AC Voltage)
Please choose the correct measuring option BEFORE you connect the probe. (As a thumb rule always choose the greater value and decrease if required)
While measuring Current, make sure to put the Red Probe in 10A socket and the measuring connection should be in Series
While measuring all other parameters other than Current (Ampere ) , the measuring connection should be in Parallel
If by mistake a wrong connection or option is selected and the measurement is initiated, the instrument will Blink / Beep . REMOVE the connections IMMEDIATELY to restrict the damage to minimum.


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