Amplifier Board Audio LM386

Code: 011-371


Master Case (Qty) 100
Committed Stock 10
Item Weight (lbs) 0.010000
Available from (USA or China): BOTH

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
California Prop 65


  • On-board LM386 Chip
  • Signal Gain 200 (multiplier)
  • On-board speaker wiring block/holder
  • On-board 10K variable resistor, you can adjust the amplification volume.
  • Onboard volume control potentiometer clockwise to increase the volume.
  • On-board LED for power indicator
  • The chip pin leads, can be directly input audio signal
  • Operating voltage: 5-12V DC
  • Board size: 41 x13mm(1.6*0.6inch)
  • Low distortion,the adjustable pot for distortion is very nice to have
  • Screw Terminal for speaker output connection

This amplifier works fine even with weak input like a microphone input. Because of its sensitivity, care should be taken to have good shielding or the amplifier will also capture noise.
If you have a stereo application, then you will need to use two modules, however a single module is useful if you were experimenting with transistor radios. 

Package included:
5 X LM386 audio amplifier module


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