About us

Founded: 1995 Products: Electronic Components and Accessories / Wholesale
Key Products:
Robotics, Arduino and Raspberry Sensors, Power Supplies, Resistors, Diodes
Transistors, Audio Power Amplifier, Speaker parts, mosfet
Integrated Circuits, optoelectronic components
Relays, Potentiometers, etc.
Businesses we serve: 
Retail Stores
Finished products:
Power Supplies
LED Drivers
Measuring Instruments 
Countries of exportation: 32+
Telephone: (888) 782-4487
Support Languages: English, Español, Français 
Shophedel.com is an e-commerce distributor of electronic components, cables and connectors, electrical products, tools and educational resources serving the retail market and providing an automated solution for B2B. Our main goal is to offer a one-stop shopping experience by supplying a broad product span. All our inventory can be found by SKUs, keywords, product categories and manufacturer.

We continually implement new automated and computerized order processing system to ensure accuracy and efficiency.
Established in 1995, with locations in Miami, FL USA, Montreal, Canada and Changzhou, China. we have a successful experience in Importing and Exporting of a wide range of electronic components for production, resale, and services. With a well-established logistic, we serve the Central and South American countries supplying to wholesalers and Retailers.

To be a leader in commercializing electronic components and accessories by meeting and exceeding the needs and expectations of the client and offering high quality, innovative products


To stand out as the best company distributing electronic components and accessories in Latin America.


Our goal is to operate with integrity. We strive to be the industry’s preferred supplier, employer, and customer. We work to improve all aspects of our business every day.

Core Values


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